About the Cruise | FAQ

I stage of Qualifications:
June 17th-24th, 2019

II stage of Qualifications:
June 29th, 2019

Cruise Dates:
August 3rd-10th, 2019

Cruise route:
Ryn – Giżycko




Our mentors will compare higher education systems and courses of studies in the United Kingdom, United States and Poland. Participants will explore the reality of studying abroad by receiving first-hand information which cannot be found in any university prospectus. We are committed that the participants will return from the cruise with a whole picture of studying abroad, having learned not only about application deadlines and costs of a student life but also how much one truly needs to study for exams, how to find time for sport and how does life in student halls truly look like.


What truly matters in an application to each individual university? What are the key success factors? Participants will explore answers to those and other questions during the case studies and group workshops. We will share not only invaluable tips and experiences but also the knowledge necessary for the UCAS and Common Application procedures. Our mentors will carry out an analysis of the application with each participant on an individual basis. We will show how to write an extraordinary Personal Essay and Personal Statement with a use of examples that will illustrate the best practices and common mistakes. Additionally, each participant will have a chance to take part in a practice interview to understand and experience themselves what it is truly about.


We haven’t forgotten about sailing! Throughout the week there will be plenty of time to relax on the water, as well as learn the basics of this elite sport. The cruise is a great opportunity to explore the most beautiful lake region in Europe, popular tourist resorts and more hidden parts of the Great Masurian Lakes. Our experienced skippers will show how to feel the thrill of emotions while staying safe and in control. Working and relaxing together on a yacht is the best way for the participants to interact with each other and integrate well. We know from our experience that friendships created in such circumstances tend to be special and last a lifetime.



The ability to wisely use one’s free time is just as important as an informed choice of a career. We will advise the best way to manage extracurricular activities and then use it to build a strong CV. We will point out how to successfully highlight the  qualities in an application. By Using professional aptitude tests our team will help participants to discover their strengths. In addition, mentors will discuss individually with the participants their previous experiences and successes with the aim of designing a compelling CV and the opportunities for further development.


The skill of fluently and eloquently expressing oneself is extremely important during a business meeting, as well as a public speech during a conference and debate. Participants will get the chance to share their plans and passions from the very beginning of the program. Through the individual vision with students, we will help everyone to turn their self-presentation into an effective elevator pitch. During group exercises, our mentors will share with participants how to regain control over emotions during an interview, how to effectively use small talk and how to master the body language.  We will also advise how to effectively use arguments and put the skill of logical thinking into practice.


Working in a team lies at the very heart of sailing, where everyone has an assigned role. Participants will have a unique opportunity to get to know each other and interact in a wide variety of situations. They will experience the necessity of carrying out the captain’s orders on board, as well as learn the responsibility of managing a crew. When in the marina, participants will take part in simulated business meetings. This will create a chance for them to get to know themselves and learn whether they can fulfil the role of a team member and a team leader. Mentors will help participants to notice their strengths and point out the best ways to improve in order to effectively reach the desired goal in a discussion or a presentation.


Social Competencies



With the help of our mentors, participants will clarify their plans for the future and set individual goals. Mentors will also assess the most effective learning methods for each participant, whether they prefer sequential learning or rather a cross-cutting approach through case studies. Mentors experience will be highly valuable for our participants as each of them will present their own development path and difficulties they encountered on the way. Through examples, we hope to inspire our participants, motivate them to act and demonstrate to what unbelievable places their own passion can take them in just a few years.


A mind open to new ideas, willingness to take part in discussions and an expansion of students views can be best acquired through informal conversations. Our cruise provides a unique opportunity to encounter experiences of our mentors who had a chance to interact with their peers from different continents, cultures and religions. Additionally, as a part of group exercises, participants will have the opportunity to learn from each other’s feedback on their own speeches, presentations and ideas for Personal Statement or Personal Essay.


Meeting new people and building relationships based on trust, common interests, experiences and plans is the key aspect of the cruise. Sailing is indispensable in that matter – participants will truly get to know each other. Most importantly, they will discover that should they ever need advice regarding their career plans, there will always be a valuable avenue to turn to.

Yachts & marinas

Premium class prestigious yachts

Production year 2014 – 2019. Highest quality finish & equipment.

We sail on new, exclusive and well-equipped yachts. Their modern construction ensures safe navigating even in strong winds. A steering wheel, a strong engine and a thruster allow maximal control over the yacht.
Modern yachts guarantee best nautical qualities and highest-quality equipment and fittings. Larger sails and spacious interior assure the pure pleasure of sailing.
A wide deck is the perfect place to sunbathe and catch a tan and the outdoor speakers ensure every moment spent on board has a unique atmosphere. Showers fitted with warm water, a TV set and a microwave provide additional comfort.
All yachts are equipped with a water pump and electrical installation, as well as heating and an audio system. A refrigerator, gas cooker and a complete set of dishes allow to prepare delicious and healthy meals.


Throughout the cruise we stop only in exclusive and recommended marinas. High quality restaurants and well-stocked shops can be found in each of them. Marinas are fully equipped with sanitary facilities.
In some of them, participants can enjoy additional attractions, such as a bowling club, aqua park or SPA & Wellness. In the evening, the crew will have the opportunity to get to know each other better and together enjoy BBQs and music.


Is the cruise organised by the certified tourism organiser?

Yes, because cruise operator is MRES sp. z o.o. which is registered in tourism organisers and tourism intermediaries registry kept by Masovian Voivodeship Marshal under a number 1841. MRES has a long-standing experience in organisation of cruises in Mazury and our cruises have tourism insurance guarantee. To participate in the cruise, general conditions for participation apply, you can view them here.

What distinguishes the Mentoring Cruise from other cruises?

The Mentoring Cruise innovatively combines preparation for studying abroad and a unique atmosphere, individual approach and five-stars leisure. We never save at the expense of the comfort of our participants — we place importance on modern and spacious yachts. On other cruises, you may encounter obsolete or too small yachts, which are overcrowded and on which malfunctions happen often. It is not the case with the Mentoring Cruise! We sail on spacious and comfortable yachts, which we never accommodate to their full capacity. Thanks to that you will be able to have fun and relax freely. Modern yachts guarantee the best nautical qualities and highest-quality equipment and fittings.

What should I bring with me?

Each participant in advance will receive a complete list of things that are worth taking, to be able to plan potential necessary shopping. Don’t worry – no professional equipment is needed, however for one’s own comfort it’s worth to purchase sailing gloves. Among others, the list includes a swimming suit, sunglasses, sunscreen, slippers, wellies and a waterproof jacket. It is also essential to bring a sleeping bag.

How to arrive in Mazury?

An organised return transport from Warsaw is included. We will happily provide advice and tips to participants who wish to organise their own transport. We will help in choosing the right transport and finding a way to the station or marina. Our cruises begin in Ryn and end in Giżycko, both big tourist resorts which are easy to reach with a bus or train.
The cruise has a wandering character, therefore the starting and ending points might be different. We recommend taking that into consideration when planning a car transport. We take special care to ensure that each cruise starts and finishes in locations where it is convenient to find bus or train connections.

Are meals provided during the cruise?

There will be a selection of products to use for preparing breakfast on an individual basis.
Given the large variety of nutritional preferences, the matter of dinner is up to our participants to decide. Our experience is that some prefer eating out while others buying ingredients and cooking together on board. The facilities available on the yachts allow for convenient storage and meals preparation. Additionally, shops and restaurants can be found in each marina.

What about access to toilets and showers?

Toilets and showers with warm water can be found in each marina. Throughout the day we sail in a moderate distance from the shore, so if a need arises, there is always an option of mooring in a marina.
The great majority of sanitary facilities in marinas requires a small fee (toilets: ca. 2 PLN, showers: 10-15 PLN). We recommend having enough cash, since card payments are usually not accepted.

Will there be phone and Internet access?

In marina and city areas there are generally no problems with mobile signal. They may occur further from the shore and in smaller marinas. There is no WiFi service on board. We recommend checking summer mobile data deals available from your mobile operator – their prices are usually very attractive.
We advise charging the mobile phone while at the marina. Cabins are equipped with 230V sockets which work when the yacht is connected to an electricity source. If you plan to use your phone intensely and would prefer an option of charging your phone while sailing, take a power bank or a 12V car charger. .

What is included in the insurance?

In cooperation with Signal Iduna Polska TU S.A. we provide all our participants with an accident & casualty (NNW) insurance with sum insured up to 10.000 PLN in the Standard PLUS option.

Is it possible to start or finish the cruise on a different date?

No one else can take your place – regardless of you arriving later or leaving earlier. Of course it is not a problem if you arrive later or leave earlier, however you will not be able to complete all parts of the programme.